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Gather Detailed Information About Command And Control Room And Airport Check in Counter

In any organization, a huge requirement for 24/7 command and control room can be seen. Focus of this place is to support the needs of people and technology under mission critical situation. With all aspects in mind, design, coordination and installation of this kind of room is done. Design of this room is done very effectively, efficiently and ergonomically to meet the various requirements.

While considering the command and control room, we should not compromise with the infrastructure of this room. Upon confirming on the form and functionality, this kind of room should be made modern and updated. Any control room should not be deprived of facilities like, professional services, audio and visual as well as various IT related technological updates. Starting from operations center consoles to the lighting and seating, audio visual arrangements, access and raised flooring, custom mill work, architectural walls etc., everything is thoroughly arranged within this room.

In order to reduce the discomfort and fatigue of the operator inside the room, there should be enough arrangement of electrically-powered sit and stand consoles. With so many facilities like, slat wall-mounted monitor arms to handle sight lines and also ensure correct viewing angles to reduce neck, arm and eye stress. All these facilities should be made modular, so that they can be installed and de-installed so easily by saving the cost.

Besides control room, in this article, we will briefly discuss about airport check-in counter. This kind of service counter is found at commercial airports, which would be able to handle commercial air travel. This kind of check-in process is normally managed by an airline itself or by the handling agent. Heavy luggage and hand bag of the passenger can be handed over to the counter, which cannot be carried-on by passengers to the aircraft’s cabin. Upon receiving boarding pass from the counter, passengers proceed to board their aircraft.

Once passengers enter the airport, they are directed towards airport check-in counter. Airline regulations allow passengers to check-in by certain times, just prior to the departure of the flight. Time span can vary from 15 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the destination and airline. During this period, passengers are allowed to ask for their seat preferences, make changes to reservations, inquire about flight or destination information etc. The main role of the airport check-in is to check luggage and send them to the aircraft’s cargo and provide boarding passes to the passenger.

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