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How Heat Meters Can Help You Reduce Gas Bill

Heat meters show staggering amounts of gas bills during winter season because they become an inevitable luxury to help stay warm and comfortable. Since, not everyone is able to pay those mounting bills, the best solution is installing meters.

It is common that when there is only one heat meter installed in a multi-tenant complex for the purpose of using by all residents, the gas bills increase substantially. A lot of property owners do not know that each heating system like furnace, water heater, and fan coil and others can be easily metered in order to assess the usage level of each tenant.

Heat meters can be very helpful for tenants as they will not need to pay money for what they have not used. Heat meters enable tracking the usage of each customer so the bills are allocated to each consumer fairly. Another, benefit of it is that people will consume less heat because they know that their bills will only reflect their individual usage level and not as a whole. This will save energy and will surely help people get rid of high gas bill as well.

Also, when there are heat meters installed, there is a reduction in billing of other gas utilities because people become energy conscious. Another great advantage of installing meters is that there will be reduced billing rates because master-metered complexes are charged at commercial rates.

Installation of heat meters is not a difficult and costly process. You will only need to spend approximately $190 to $250 per unit to install wireless metering. This system will be able to collect and allocate separate billing for each consumer. But if a unit has a domestic furnace and water heater, you might have to spend as much as $400 to $500. These rates are applicable per unit as each one will require two meters.

The installation time is extremely quick. It usually takes a technician less than thirty minutes to install the entire system. However, if you wish to install a meter for an apartment or a 100 unit condominium, it will take at least 10 days and two technicians to install the meter.

It is legal in all states to install heat meters in condominiums and apartments. It is also important to mention in the rental agreement allowing property owner to charge bill

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