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The Website For The Blind

Giving donations to the needy, such as the visually impaired or people who are otherwise physically disabled, is very easy thanks to the advanced technology we have in the modernized world we live in today. Let’s be grateful for the inventions of computer and Internet, which have allowed the nonprofit organization Heritage for the Blind to establish an amazingly helpful website for the blind,

This organization aims to open the minds of the blind and visually impaired. Heritage for the Blind wants them to realize that there are people who understand what they’re going through and want to help. On their “Self-Help for Vision Loss” website, they offer necessary and relevant information.

What you will find

On this very useful website, you can find the list of Heritage for the Blind’s programs, resources, and services for the blind and visually impaired. One of these programs is the free distribution of Braille and large print materials. You can choose a large print book and download it for free on your computer. The books are health-related, on topics ranging from facts you need to know about certain diseases to appropriate medical management. The site also offers an online education course that involves basic computer training for free and with assistance.

Links and search databases are available for quick and easy searching of eye doctors near your home, as well as the locations of various vision rehabilitation agencies. The site supplies detailed information about common eye diseases, including their causes and prevention. You can also find effective strategies on how to protect your vision and how to cope with vision changes. Probably one of the most important services for the visually impaired provided on this website is the tips regarding home management: how you can prepare food, shop, dine, clean, and organize your household.

How you can help

For those who want to offer something for the visually impaired, the site also has a list of donation programs, and allows you to donate directly online. Contact information for Heritage for the Blind is also provided for those who have inquiries or are interested in donating.

The “Self-Help for Vision Loss” website was primarily created with the idea of providing easy access to services for the blind for free. These services help the visually impaired realize that their disability doesn’t have to hinder them from continuing to live their lives. For more details visit

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