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With the Coming of iPhone 5 iPhone 4 Still Attractive

Till now, Apple has not announced any relevant information about iPhone5 in adavance. In fact, it doesn’t mean Apple will delay the release time of iPhone5. Maybe they are making full use of the last time to add more feature to iPhone 5, and keep it for a time in suspense. In any case, while the major manufacturers have recently introduced their new products, under such pressure, Apple would never like a rat in a hole. We firmly believe that iPhone 5 is approaching. Of course, with the coming of iPhone 5, the further price cuts for the forth generation of Apple is the general trends of cell phone lcd screens. According to the latest news, the latest quotation of 16G Apple iPhone4 Hong Kong version of is only 4580RMB. If you want, just cosider buy it.

In case of its performance, Apple iPhone4 is equipped with A4 processor clocked at 1GHz, behind which is embedded 5-megapixel camera, support for 720p video recording and cell phone signal jammer. There are also integrated Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI, SyncML and other functions to support electronic compass and accelerometer applications, etc. It is very easy to operate and user-friendly.

Compared with Apple iPhone 3GS, iPhone4 has changed dramatically in its appearance and become more fashionable; The thickness of its body is only 9.3 mm, using a 3.5-inch IPS LCD screen with the resolution of 940 ?? 640 pixels, and increased four times pixels compared to the old resolution of 480??320 pixels, quite clear and vivid display. In case of its hardware, it is equipped with 1GHz processor and 512MB memory, run faster, more efficient and can support iOS 4 system.

The price bubble of Apple iPhone 4 blew out. Apple’s prices have dropped back the normal price for the being time. I firmly believe that there is not so much room for the price cut of iPhone 4 before the release of iPhone 5. Just like the same case, even now there is still many people to choose iPhone 3GS, which has quite high performance cost ratio. So you could cosider purchasing your ideal iPhone at present.

Apple iPhone4 has become increasingly popular around the world. And the full version of iPhone 4 start to cut down the price. However, I believe that many Apple users have been waiting for the arrival of the Five generation of iPhone, and iPhone 4 is not so attractive.

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